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Gold Coast Labrador Love is

How exciting it is when you come home!

We breed Labrador Retrievers on the Goldie (Gold Coast, Queensland). Our aim is to breed happy and healthy Labrador puppies in a family environment that come from healthy parents that are clear from Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), have good Hip and Elbow Scores and are clear of Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration

We enjoy being owned and blessed to care for our beautiful and loyal  Gold Coast Labrador RetrieversLoving every aspect that makes a Labrador Retriever so unique, from their endless love, curiosity, love to the water, affection, beauty, goofiness, good nature down to the conformation and breed standard. 

We plan to have both yellow and chocolate Labrador puppies in late 2017. Please check on our puppy page for current litters or contact us if you wish to be informed about upcoming litters.


All Gold Coast Labrador Puppies (GCLABPUPZ) are:

  • clear of PRCD (Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration)
  • from parents with good Hip and Elbow Scores
  • coming with pedigree papers
  • going home with a puppy starter pack



Latest News

Puppies for Sale

Planned Litters

24 May 2017

Dam: Chava Susie Q (Kayla) see profile x Sire: Avokah Malteser (Malty), see profile - all chocolate labrador retriever puppies

Summer 2017

Dam: Viva La Rubia (Viva) see profile x Sire: not yet decided - all yellow labrador retriever puppies



Gold Coast Labrador Group

The Gold Coast Labrador Group (Facebook Group) provides a platform for all Labrador Retriever Owners/Lovers on the Gold Coast.


Learn more about Labrador Retrievers

Learn more about Labrador Retrievers


Larbador Law

Labrador Retrievers

A beautiful short video about Labrador Retrievers by Dogs 101.

Manuela Torgler - Owner of GC Labradors (GCLABPUPZ)


"Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot about puppies."

Gene Hill

"Until one has loved an animal, part of one's soul remains unawakened."

Anatole France

"Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog."

Charles Duran

Contact Us

Phone +61 (0) 400 762 232
email info@gclabradors.com.au
web www.gclabradors.com.au

GC LABRADORS: ABN 17 467 545 083
Kennel Prefix: GCLABPUPZ
ANKC Member: 4100178935
Gold Coast Breeder Permit: GC PBB7536797

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